"To Expect Change, It Is Foolish To Continue Doing Things The Way They Have Always Been Done" - Albert Einstein

relearning, which encompasses the use of any electronic aids, such as video, CD-ROMs and the Web, has been around for a decade.

The driving force behind online training is the promise of significant cost reductions: online classes can be accessed anywhere, at anytime, with or without a human instructor, eliminating the need for employees to take off work for hours or travel to training centers.

Today's challenge is to find an effective blend that serves up content in ways the learner can remember and blend with conventional training methods.
The real promise of e-learning, is the opportunity to blend the old in with the new and offer the flexibility of an interactive experience.
Use live seminars with new interactive materials, then load all the content online to allow employees to benefit from repetition of the technical data.

Mobile workers, in the field, away from the corporate office, could take the training wanted or needed anytime, anywhere. Courses are often worked in the evenings at home, early in the morning before kids are up, or on lunch breaks in the office, and always at the learners own pace.
Learning Is Not Just For Employees!

The focus is now on educating the customer with an effective combination of exciting, blended learning tools. With every call from a customer, there is an opportunity to dispense interactive learning on your product or service. More educated customers can result in dramatically improved customer satisfaction ratings, increased sales and reductions in support required.
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