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Have you considered the impact of CD's or CD sized electronic business cards?

E-business cards are mini CDs, cut to the size of a standard business card (mini rounds and specialty shapes are available, too; ask us!), that can hold your presentations, graphic samples of products, sound clips, video, electronic documents, links to your web site, Flash presentations or anything in electronic format.

The mini CDs may be printed with your logo and contact information, just like traditional business cards. Or, if you have a special event or project to promote, tailor the printed information and design appropriately.
A clear sleeve protects your data which can be read by any CD drive with a tray. Or, you can opt for a more substantial cardboard holder with a CD pocket or slot, affording you with the opportunity to print additional text, images and important information on the holder itself. We also offer hard, clear plastic mini-cases, which are great for mailing and so unique, recipients are bound to take notice!
Imagine the impression you'll make by distributing your presentation on e-cards at your upcoming sales meeting, at your next recruitment fair, or at your monthly networking event!

E-cards eliminate the need for cumbersome hardcopy printouts of your information -- which are often impractical and often go unread -- and offers all your important data in a small, convenient form that piques the recipient's curiosity! Your contact can now review your information and conveniently share it with others ... and see that your company is technically savvy and cutting-edge!
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