March 17 and 18, 2012 THE WALK on University Drive



2010 Coral Springs
Festival of the Arts Signature Artist

Sharon Segal

Teacher Chosen as Signature Artist

Contemporary Floridian artist, Sharon Segal, likes to speak through her canvas.   She uses bright colors, geometric shapes, and sometimes words to convey her message.  Sharon’s love for painting evolved about five years ago. Since then, she has been experimenting with various media, paints, and styles. 

There is even the occasional wood piece or glitter that lights up her acrylic work.  The application of new techniques and textures complete her process while adding to the originality of her art.

Sharon has taken a multitude of art classes over the years and still continues learning and educating herself on art and painting. With degrees in advertising, graphic design, computer animation, and education, she continues to develop logos and designs for different businesses throughout the community.

During the day, Sharon is a first grade teacher that integrates the arts into her classroom curriculum to enhance the experience of learning for her students.

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