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2009 Coral Springs
Festival of the Arts Signature Artist

Brent Miller

Brent Miller was only six. But he remembers like it was yesterday.

He vividly remembers looking at a photo of Dali’s “Anthromorphic Cupboard With Drawers” (also known as “Lady With Drawers”). And, from that moment on, he was hooked. Hooked on the different colors, hooked on the different textures, hooked on the different feelings the painting evoked. And, perhaps most of all, hooked on the way that the artist had allowed his imagination to run free, without any self-imposed (or society-imposed) constraints.

Now, many years later, Brent Miller allows his own imagination to run free, with whimsical forms, textures, and colors, and combining elements as disparate as realism, surrealism, and what he calls “Abstract Fusion.” And the results are stunning.

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Signature Artist

Brent Miller 2006

and 2009

Mr. Miller is a graduate of the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. His work has been shown in a variety of juried art shows in the Northeast and in Florida. Some of it hangs in faraway countries, and some of it hangs here in the U.S. Yet, he still continues to hone and refine his craft, attending courses in advanced techniques given by noted painters.

Brent Miller’s art is genuine, from the heart…and like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

My goal, all along, has been to create a new concept…something no one else has done or seen before. And I hope I’ve accomplished that with this series of paintings, which I call “Flowers of the Mind.”

I start out with an abstract shape representing flowers or flower-like pods. The flowers are quite surreal…but then I slowly add some realistic touches. And what it will morph into, nobody knows - including me.

My work is contemporary in style, with lots of color. I want it to be cheerful and whimsical…because I want to evoke those feelings in the viewer.

I like to work in oils, mostly on self-made panels. And I use a glazing technique to add more richness, and more depth.

My goal is simple, really…to make my flowers so unique that, no matter where in the world you were to see one, you’d know it was a Brent Miller. – Brent Miller, April, 2006

Brent lives in Coral Springs with his wife Barbara and their two children, Michelle
and Justin. He accepts commissions for his original works, and may be reached
at 954/755-3657.

Brent Miller, 2006 Signature Artist



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