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Ruth Porat                                


Israeli born Ruth Porat has had her artwork exhibited in art galleries throughout Israel and Europe. Studying fine art at the renowned Avni's School of Art in Tel-Aviv Porat has had the opportunity to explore art under some of the most successful and well-known artists of Israel, such as Bugen, Rosenthal, and Laufer. 

In addition to her art, Porat maintains a flourishing career in fashion design working with leather and other materials. Currently, Porat’s work is exported to Europe and the USA. Since arriving in Florida in 1992, Porat has continued to develop her art form.

Paintings on Wood presented here represents one of her many art forms. With Painting on Wood, Porat has been influenced by Pop Art.  Porat employs a unique process starting with transferring light pencil sketches to wood and using wood colors and varnishing that creates these works of art . It should be noted that fitting artwork to the frame is an integral part of the work itself. The frame is painted by hand and combines motifs from the painting. The painting is placed on a transparent material, which creates the feeling that the painting is floating.

The subjects of the paintings are drawn from our daily life experiences and can be characterized as somewhat innocent, colorful and full of joy.

Porat's art is presented worldwide in the finest and most exclusive galleries such as Porta Porte in Paris, France; The 13th Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel; The Pehl Collection, A collection of Modern Fine Arts, Eldersburg, Maryland; Abbacino Gallery, Venice, Florida; Bel Harbour Temple, Bel Harbour, Florida; The Chicago Tribute Magnificent Mile, Chicago, Illinois and various galleries in Florida and the USA.


My creations and paintings are the synthesis of a simple, fine art sensibility and a distinctive, colorful, artistic atmosphere. I believe that there was, is and forever shall be, a world in which art is interwoven with our soul and spirit, which is not restricted to gallery and museum walls, but is a part of everyday life, enveloping us in a warm, imaginative nest. Creation, as a primary focus in my live, is dynamic, ever changing and developing.

My art form is forever reinventing itself, in new ideas, collections & new directions. My paintings forever express the desire and passion for life, and the need to experience movement and fluidity.

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